Thursday, December 31, 2009

Grateful Dead - Shakedown Street edit


Looks like a odd choice right? Tommie Sunshine and I put this together to make sure you start the new years off right and feeling good!. Nothing like turning a jam band into a disco boogie song!. Enjoy!.

Grateful Dead - Shakedown Street (Tommie Sunshine and Figure Brooklyn Fire Edit)



Nick Daniels said...


thedaniel said...

account suspended :(

Thelonius Crunk said...

the grateful dead werent really a "jam band" and this song was already a disco jam. Ive been playing it in my sets for years unedited. that being said, ive been wanting to remix it for just as long. good job!

dirtyjob said...

more Dead remixes please!!!!

dirtyjob said...

more Dead remixes please!!!!

Anonymous said...

hell yeah. I just discovered this.
a whole album of disco boogie dead mixes would be amazing!!

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