Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sound of Blue

I found this track about a week ago, and honestly I had never heard of the original artist or the remixer until I heard this track, but whoever they may be I am certain of one thing...they make killer space disco. Unlike most space disco tracks of late, the bass line is nice and gritty, giving it a slight electro feel. My hat comes off to Valid Evidence and Blue Satellite.

Valid Evidence - Sound of Blue (Blue Satellite Remix)

- Ben Danner


Anonymous said...

hey, i really like this space disco stuff, keep posting up more or let me know of a few good artists that make this if you can. thanks! keep up the raw posts!

vergo890 said...

Thanks for posting my song. It's good to have people listening/enjoying to the track. I'm not a very experienced artist, but I'm hopin to release an album of new stuff (mix of electro/disco/downtempo) at some point next year.

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