Wednesday, January 27, 2010

King Of Africa

This is Douster. Douster has one of the hottest opening tracks on the planet right now. Everybody has been dropping this from Aoki to Crookers to your momma. I've been hearing about this track for a while and I knew it existed but only as that, "crazy lion king remix." Well its been out on Beatport (click the link to buy it) but i'm pretty sure it was a sleeper track. Either way its amazing and I'm blasting the shit out of this one!

Here is a video Douster chopped up for it.

I'd post the track myself but like I said in the previous post our server's bandwidth has been exceeded till the 1st of February. But have no fear, you can - and you should - buy this track at Beatport right now!

- GlowTape!


Jimmy said...

A-trak dropped this @ HARD NYE

KADKAD said...

old + bad

DC/GlowTape! said...

What?????? Dude, a month is not "old," are you serious???? And secondly, bad is an opinion. But it seems to me, that all the crowds that have heard this and all the big djs that are STILL dropping this would probably say that your one, singular opinion on the matter does not way out the rest of the world.

Besides, if for nothing else, this video is fucking hysterical!


dude ur a blogger and had no idea about this track? it's been talked about for months and months. also, u just wrote "..singular opinion on the matter does not 'way out' the rest of the world."

old track is old, crap blog is crap.

DC/GlowTape! said...

Oops, you caught me on a rush type-o. But you also spelled "you're" as "ur" - so shut it. Also, as I stated in the end of the post - the video is hysterical. Yes, you are correct but that doesn't change the fact that it's still being played out - all the time! Aoki just dropped this in Miami like two weeks ago. It's still relevant. And trust me I heard about it - if you read the post more accurately, you'd know that. But feel free to waste your (and mine for that matter) time with uneducated drivel.

Mark Starr said...

I've heard about this one for a few months as well, and it def was a sleeper track that's caught the more recent attention of those DJs mentioned. Who cares if its a month out on beatport. It's been getting crowds hype any time it's dropped. Aoki actually did play this in my town a few weeks ago.

Great post, and appreciated the fact that you did not post the 320.

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