Friday, January 22, 2010


In 2008, me and a very good friend of mine, Mitch, spent 2 months in Israel. Aside from visiting Jerusalem and reenacting memorable holy moments in history, we frequented many bars to take advantage of the 18+ drinking age.


One bar that we went to was very memorable. Mitch and I were feeling pretty cool sipping on our beer mugs of Hoegaarden when we heard this amazing disco song, "I believe in miracles baaaabay, I belieeeeve in youuuu!"

Oh hot damn. We tried asking the staff there if they knew the song, but they didn't know and the language barrier didn't help eathier.

After days of searching on google we found it..."I Believe In Miracles" by the "Jackson Sisters."

Well, I just found this track "Miracles" by Religion and they really did the original justice, keeping it just as Disco and just as sexy.

Religion - Miracles

Here's another track from Religion that is definitely a good ol' dark banger and a must have. I'm looking forward to seeing what else these guys have in store.

Religion - The Night

- Mustache Florida


Nicole said...

im lovin that miracles remix right now too! you know anything else about religion (awful band name to try to google...)

thanks for the mp3 hookup :)

The Clown Prince said...

Yo, those links are dead! :( I needs to get boht these tracks/

Unknown said...

Disco FTW!

Nicole said...

word! yo you can snatch that miracles track here

i'd still like to find out more about 'religion'...

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