Monday, January 4, 2010

Ben Danner's top 10 of 2009.

2009 was a pretty awesome year for me, it was the year that I actually got my shit together, got a decent a job, and started playing more gigs. There a million people I could thank for this awesome year, but I would really like to thank Manley (for giving me a chance), Mustache Florida (for teaching me that I gotta step my game up), Mark Starr (again for giving me a chance), and my roommate Colin (once again me a chance).

Another thing that made last year amazing was all the amazing music that was released. Coming up with a top 10 was kinda difficult, it was tempting to do a top 20, but it would be better to not overload the servers.

2009 was all about two "D" words, Disco, and Dubstep. People are still making good electro too...imagine that.

Shazam - Pool Party 2009 (Headman Remix)

Phonat - Set Me Free (Tanzanian Disco Stampede Mix)

Munk - Down in L.A. (Shazam Instrumental Remix).mp3

Knightlife - Discotirso (Original Mix)

Gtronic - Ironman (Stereohereos Remix)

Gooseflesh - Caravan (Original Mix)

Escape (LA Riots Remix V8)

Downlink - Moonrock Badman

DJ Panik - What's Going On

Skream - Tek-a-Pill

- Ben Danner


Jack said...

Thanks for posting that Munk instrumental. That song is elusive to find! The lyrics to the original are god awful so this is awesome.

Anonymous said...

that gtronic track is my jam! much love from philly!

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