Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mitsubitchi: A New Bobermann Experience

The Subs are by  no means a new band. I've been playing out their tracks ever since I first heard "Fuck That Shit." Their most recent single, Mitsubitchi isn't the newest thing by them but this remix is. Thank Joe Pesci that Bob Rifo (you know, that cat from The BB's) has decided to put his touch on this redonkulous track to make it even crazier!  It's going to kill homeless people, and rape minors on the dance floor. Be assured, people are going to sex to this. That's right, I said it - People are going to SEX to this. I posted the video, if you want the track go buy it on Beatport - or whatever other music purchasing site you use!


- GlowTape!


Nick Daniels said...

fackin love this track.

Anonymous said...

booo the video isn't there anymore! anyone know of another link?

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