Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Holy Moly Guacamole we are f***ing back BABY! WOO HOO! Fuck you server companies trying to hold a "hipster" down. Well whatever either way we are back and here to stay. Usually I try to focus on just one artist and kind of "spotlight" them. But it's been awhile since you guys got anything fresh from us so here are 4 tracks with some (disco)variety.

First up is a fantastic track by Steroliner, and Earl and Turner called "Taurus." It uses a sample from Daft Punk's High Life!!!

Steroliner & Earl and Turner - Taurus (Earl and Turner Mix)

Next is a crazy rave anthem by the UK's Radiokillaz called "Ganja Man Let Loose" - Not to be missed!

Radiokillaz - Ganja Man Let Loose

From Athens, Greece is Poka. He has an amazing EP out on Beaport you should probably get. This is "Lonely" from that ep. It's a killer 80's electro disco house track! Makes my feet wiggle.

Poka - Lonely

And not but not least a new one from Yenn with a remix from Alex Kidd promptly entitled "Stay Cool." Enjoy some dirty electro house.

Yenn - Stay Cool (Alex Kidd (USA) Remix)

Hope everyone has a great week!

You stay classy.... World.

- GlowTape!


Anonymous said...

Well, you're back... to just stop posting again? lol

Manley © said...

sorry dude, lost one of the older servers with two years of tracks... trying to get our ducks in a row...again :)

Gabe said...

WOOOOOOO! I almost gave up on this sight haha. I missed the old Penned Madness, so hopefully you guys can get this site back to the way you posted music. Preciate it brotha!

A to the L said...

That Radiokillaz track is a straight lift from this...

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