Friday, July 16, 2010



Heapy might be a new name to you , but that is soon about to change. I ran across Heapy on soundcloud and ever since then , my sets and mixes are 30% his music. With support from names like Hostage and all the Brooklyn Fire crew , we had to grab him up for some work on the label (Brooklyn Fire). I asked Heapy to bootleg something old and classic for the Brooklyn Fire Bootlegs soundcloud page , and sure as shit he did! KRS-One's 'Sound of the police' is one of the most classic hip hop songs of all time , and not only did Heapy drop to the original twice in this song , but he tossed a wobbley bass line on it that is sure to cause riots. Heapy's original song 'Temptation' will be on Brooklyn Fire's first release coming out in September , so keep a eye open for that!

Here are 2 soundcloud players you can download the track from , one is from Heapys page and the other is the Brooklyn Fire Bootleg page. Enjoy!

KRS-One - Sound Of Da Police (Heapy's Brooklyn Fire Bootleg) by Heapy

KRS-One - Sound Of Da Police (Heapy's Brooklyn Fire Bootleg) by BrooklynFireBootlegs


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j4 said...

Haha your comment on sound of da police is awesome. I must obey.

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