Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Le Prinicples Last Song.


A while back I was in a group called 'Le Prinicple'. This group did very well for how new we were. But as most groups do , we came to a fork in the road and went separate ways. No Drama , no harsh feelings , just this one last track we decided to give away. Garret is now 'Adulture' and I myself am 'Charlie Church' (disco house production wise , Figure is my bass music). So here it is , in my opinion the best song we ever made , given away via Solid Bump records!

Adulture and Charlie Church - Blue Love (Original Mix).mp3

Adulture and Charlie Church - Blue Love (Original Mix) by CharlieChurch

- Figure


Anonymous said...

dude that sucks! goodluck to the both of you, Le Principle made some SICK beats

The Gainesvillains said...

What a shame. "Keep Moving" gets played at pretty much every gig I ever spin. Keep Funky House alive!

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