Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Velociraptor Pool Party

So it's hotter than Isla Nublar around here lately, but the outdoor parties are in high gear. Here's some new summer jams to play at your next backyard party, on your ultra-fancy yacht, or private dinosaur cloning island.

This one's a Brachiosaurus...Shakes the ground, but a gentle giant (with an awesome gypsy

Homework - Fissa Tune

Drop these Triceratops next to keep the party rollin'

Disco Trash Music ft Spoek and Big Space - Bumper Cars (DTMs Tropical Edit)
DiscoTrashMusic (Myspace)

Yolanda Be Cool & D Cup - We Speak No Americano(Chew Fu Rosetta Stone Fix)
Yolanda Be Cool | Chew Fu

Mr. Gaspar and Snake Charmer dropped this one on us, comes up all innocent and then spits acid in your face like a Dilophosaurus attack.

Mr. Gaspar & Snake Charmer - The Pied Piper
Mr. Gaspar | Snake Charmer

Keep it rowdy and Hold on to your butts
-Justin Zero

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing some of the new hotness.

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