Sunday, July 11, 2010



Borrowing elements from UK funky, house, garage, dub and electro , Wira is a mystery man with a slew of amazing original songs in his pocket. Wira reminds me of Burial but more for a venue , yet still keeping that late night foggy feel that drowns everything else out. This mix Wira is offering up is 13 of his original songs into a 25 minute mix. This mix is for pretty much every situation , I strongly recommend Wira and his music. So make sure to grab his mix below and then add him on Facebook.

1. Suburb
2. Danger
3. God Bless
4. Vloeitjes
5. Animals
6. Stag
7. Hunger
8. Constrictor
9. Rights
10. Playground
11. Mystery
12. Fires
13. Seed

Wira 13 Times Mixtape

Wira's Facebook Page

- Figure

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