Monday, August 30, 2010

Hey, guess what?

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It's new tune time!

First up we have a tune that dropped about a week ago, a really good Spencer & Hill track remixed by Cold Blank. I've really been digging Cold Blank lately, his tracks are really simple but the bass lines are always massive.

Spencer n Hill - Back2back (Cold Blank Remix)

Next we have a track by Chuckie and Hardwell featuring Ambush. Nice big room track, starts out electro and then kinda goes towards a techy vibe after the first break, then back to electro. The vocal sample seemed a little cheesy to me at first but it has grown on me and the lead to the main electro part is pretty banging.

Hardwell n Chuckie Feat. Ambush - Move It 2 The Drum (Original Mix)

The following track is a really good remix by Angger Dimas. It seems like whatever this guy touches lately turns into party music gold. This one has a delightful James Brown vocal sample in it. "IT'S PARTY TIME!"

Mac Zimms - Your Horny Horns (Angger Dimas Remix)

Lastly we have a little mashup that I made last week. Great little mash of Daft Punk and Riva Starr, and while those two might not be the most creative combination they actually compliment each other quite well. While you are on my Soundcloud you should also check out the last mix that I did for PennedMadness's radio show on

Daft Punk & Riva Starr - Work It Mama (Ben Danner Mix) by BenDanner

Hope you like all the tracks.

- Ben Danner

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