Monday, September 13, 2010

The ADD Mix

So the good folks over at Pioneer are having a competition at, and they are giving away a DJM-2000 to whoever sends them the most impressive DJ mix. Naturally when I found out about this I figured that it couldn't hurt to enter the competition. The only requirements are that the mix must be 25-45 minutes long and that it must receive at least 50 votes to get to the final panel of judges who are Pioneer employees themselves. Below I have embeded the mix into the page, so GO LISTEN AND VOTE!

Also, I have made a few tracks featured in the mix available for download, all in 320Kbps so they are ready to be dropped in clubs, house parties, pool parties, and your grandmother's '84 sedan without you having to worry about them sounding like compressed crud.

All of these songs are great tracks, they include a couple electro bangers, my favorite M.I.A. song, and my favorite Kid Sister/Nina Sky track.

Here is the mix! The link to vote is below the mix.

The ADD MIX from BenDanner at

The ADD MIX from BenDanner at

Go here to vote!

Now for those tracks...

Dero - Dero's Rave

M.I.A. - 10 Dollar

Kid Sister ft. Nina Sky - Lookout Weekend

Filthy Freeqs - My My My

- Ben Danner

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