Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hostage - Versatile Sound


'Hostage' did it again! 'JFK' from 'Mstrkrft' just dropped 'Hostage's' new ep 'Versatile Sound' on his own label 'Teenage Riot Record' . If you know 'Hostage's' music then you know what to expect here. Don't sleep on this one if you're a fan of the heavy tunes. But as a bonus , were giving away 'Hostage's' remix of my single 'Torture' for free for the first time!

Hostage - Versatile Sound by HOSTAGE

Hostage - Make 'Em Drop by HOSTAGE

Make sure to grab both tracks on Beaport HERE!

Played by 'Ac Slater' and "Foamo', this remix is not to be taken lightly. Huge bass stabs and squeaks for weeks , grab it for FREE and bust some cheeks.

Figure - Torture (Hostage Remix) by HOSTAGE
- Figure

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