Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SubHuman presents NumberNin6

Wreaking havoc globally, NumberNin6’s rich schizophrenic sound enjoys support by international dubstep titans including Skream, Rusko, N-Type, Plastician, and Bassnectar, as well as BBC Radio 1 DJ’s Mistjam and Annie Mac. NumberNin6 (aka Nishant Parikh) whose production began in the trance scene is a master of dichotomy who meticulously fuses stark contrasts -- aggressive vs. mellow, darkness vs. light -- into dance floor napalm.

Below are PREVIEWS (128kbps) of NumberNin6's tracks / You would be foolish to play these quality copies out at the club for people...
Head over to Beatport and pick up the set, it's only a couple hundred pennies of pete's sake...

NumberNin6 - Garbage
GARBAGE intros with menacing lyrics and a series of warning bass stabs that evoke a grimey ghetto scenario. After the drop, all hell breaks loose with a wicked NumberNin6 signature bassline and cracking snares. This is an absolute dubstep anthem and has done its fair share of destruction worldwide. For reals.

NumberNin6 - Hunt You Down
HUNT YOU DOWN begins with a haunting flute melody that winds its way up a mountain, then unloads with a massive barrage of machine gun bass stabs guaranteed to cause speaker damage and crowd destruction.

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