Wednesday, October 6, 2010



Now I don't normally post about releases and such without anything to download , but this release deserves some shine. We all know Calvertron's work , he has always been hustling some banging tunes out for all of us to play.
Over the past couple releases he has been doing a lot of LFO work and furthering his sound even more , and if you know me then you know I'd giddy about proper bassline stuff. So his last release on Jack Knife Records (which he runs) just dropped and has started to chart , I wanted to expose this to you in-case you overlooked it. Both tracks build up on well known disco samples and drop to heavy wobble jack basslines , give them a listen and go to beaport and buy them HERE

Calvertron - Hit Da Ground by calvertron


YEA RIGHT! I gotta give something away , download his new mix for free!

CALVERTRON MIX AUGUST 2010 by calvertron

- Figure

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