Monday, October 11, 2010

Get out of my head... or not?

So this writer doesn't listen to much mainstream radio, like none at all - zero. Not trying to sound like a 'cool kid' or anything, it just doesn't happen. Well, this past week I personally spent an inordinate amount of time in a car, like stircrazy Chevy Chase in "Vacation" time, and I only had regional Florida hip-hop stations to musically guide me during this madcap adventure.

A byproduct of that much time listening the radio being that, at the moment, there are currently about 14 different 'chart toppers' battling for supremacy in my headpiece - one of them being the "electro"/hip-hop outfit Far East Movement. Don't know much about FEM besides that they have some pretty addicting music and very high self esteems - eager to see what constant radio play and internet love will mean for these boys... we shall soon find out...

So anyways, yes, we know everyone has been keen to this song for a minute but remixes are popping up lately so why not post'm up. Included in this here post is the original choon (which is plenty dance-y enough) and two remixes that I am personally enjoying at the moment...

Far East Movement feat. The Cataracts- Like a G6

FM - Like a G6 (Disco Fries Remix) by DiscoFriesMusic

Like a G6 (JeRK Mumblin Remix) by JeRK

and a little treat... another Far East Movement track, remixed by Hot Pink Delorean.

Far East Movement - Girls On The Dancefloor (Hot Pink Delorean Remix) by NEON LIGER

- Mannes of Team Jaguar


Anonymous said...

you are pretentious.

Manley © said...

darn tooting

thejerkman said...

Here is a link to a nice dirty south remix of "Rude Boy" by Rihanna - refixed by The Jerk Man

download for free and enjoy. Happy Xmas
DrumCunt x

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