Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Filthy Rehab + Bass = Win!


Bass = Win is back again with a monster of a release from Filthy Rehab. If your not keen on Filthy Rehab , then you might be the only one in the world. Their tracks have been slashing through tons of big names sets and mixes for some time now.
The main track for me on this release is 'Reverie'. The drums are thrashing every which way but loose , rolling into a build up that might has well be the song itself. After you've kept your head intact ... the deep thick bass line kicks in and just causes Hell.
I highly recommend this release , listen to it on their soundcloud links , then click the beatport link below and show some support!

Filthy Rehab - Reverie (original) sample by filthy_rehab

Filthy Rehab - Nesquick (original) sample by filthy_rehab

Grab it on Beatport Here!

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- Figure

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