Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm gonna stick it in your muffler

Following his blazing first release on SubHuman, Helsinki based producer Muffler unleashes two more bangers - "Back Up" and "Controller".

"Back Up" is straight up militant dubstep cyberfunk with a serious west coast hip-hop flavor. A quick 4/4 kick intro that drops into a seriously pounding sub workout, arena-sized snare cracks and a dramatic high-pitched synth lead. This is the kind of track that that gets everyone's attention in the club!

The flipside "Controller" features an uplifting, musical intro with marching band snares and an epic "are you ready?" vocal. The drop...heavy. Descending bionic bass stabs and sweeping synths all with that signature ultra-crisp Muffler style production.

Buy the 320Kbps version or the WAV at BEATPORT

For the promo 128 Kbps files go here MEGAUPLOAD

- Ben Danner

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magi said...

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