Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year...New Tracks...

Happy new year everyone! Everyone makes new years resolutions and mine has been to...dun dun dun...BLOG MORE! That's right expect to see more posts from me this year!

We have some tracks for you guys, two huge bangers from two huge artists and a very special Team Jaguar mashup.

First up is an original from Junior Sanchez. This song has a very interesting break that is kinda old school progressive sounding before it drops into a huge modern rave lead.

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Junior Sanchez - Weee! (Play Da Rave) (Original Mix)

Second we have a new original from everyone's favorite dutch house producer Afrojack. His sound has taken a slight move into another direction lately, keeping him from becoming boring and repetitive like some dutch house artists recently.

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value="playerID=1&soundFile= - Replica (Original Mix).mp3">

Afrojack - Replica

And lastly we have a new Team Jaguar mashup. The king of crunk has been combined with the kings of absurd dance tracks in this Crookers & Lil Jon mash.

Crookers and Lil Jon - Hey Knobbers (Team Jaguar's "2008 will never die" Mix) by Team Jaguar

- Ben Danner

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Anonymous said...

Afrojack for Coachella 2011!!!

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