Thursday, April 7, 2011

Your Dirty Habit - How Hard EP

The newest edition to Sex Cult Records, but certainly not strangers to the blogging world, Your Dirty Habit have just released their latest EP - entitled "How Hard."

YDH have been pioneering an offshoot genre they are calling "House and Bass," and their latest offering is an example of this emerging sub-sect. If you have been following YDH at all over these few years, you'd notice that these boys are continuing to push the limits of bass driven music and this EP is a proper showcase of their producing talents.

Below are three clips from "How Hard," which will be released on itunes on 4/12/11 - stay tuned

HOW HARD *CLIP* - YOUR DIRTY HABIT - OUT 04.12.11 by yourdirtyhabit

GOING DOWN *CLIP* - YOUR DIRTY HABIT ft. TRILLBASS - OUT 04.12.11 by yourdirtyhabit


ALSO, as a treat, the boys are giving away their latest remix - a remix of Computer Club's track Load Rocket.

Computer Club - Load Rocket (Your Dirty Habit Remix)

- Manley of Team Jaguar

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