Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lollapalooza 2K11

Three members of the PM extended family are entered in the most recent Lollapalooza DJ contest, hosted by DO312 - a Chicago-centric "EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO DO BUT MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT" blog.

Below are the submitted tracks from Skitsnygg, Your Dirty Habit and Team Jaguar


VOTE HERE http://do312.com/remix/skitsnygg-2

Something To Die For Skitsnygg Remix by LollaRemix2011

Your Dirty Habit
VOTE HERE http://do312.com/remix/your-dirty-habit

Your Dirty Habit - How Hard Original Mix by LollaRemix2011

Team Jaguar
VOTE HERE http://do312.com/remix/team-jaguar

TEAM JAGUAR - WAX JOB by LollaRemix2011


Check out the rest of contestants HERE - http://do312.com/remix/djs

And we personally wish, from everyone at PM, the best to all the contestants!

- Manley of Team Jaguar

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