Friday, May 27, 2011

SPF 5000

From up-and-coming darlings SPF 5000, we have their recently released single "White Hot Fantasy." From Boston by way of NYC, SPF 5000 are ready to stake their claim on the dancefloor. Amy Douglas and Rob Phillips, those that form the SPF 5000, are no strangers to the topical musical community though.

Amy has been featured on Supra 1’s “Still Believe” and AC Slater’s Rave Super-group 92 Eternal to “Miracle Mile” by the Annex Project for KULT Records. While Rob's time at the Berklee School of Music’s "Music Synthesis" Department and his love for the NYC dance scene over the years has translated into these dirty dance production skills and refreshing insight into dance culture.

For their first release, "White Hot Fantasy" (out on TOP BILLIN), SPF 5000 collected a slew of remixers and each did something wildly different than the last. DJ Sega, Cobra Krames, Dances with White Girls, NYCPARTYINFO (LOUISAHHHH and Steven Bloodbath), Boody B of Palms Out Sounds and Team Jaguar were the small army gathered - each one taking this track and bending it to their individual styles and wills.

Check out their remixes and the original below as well as the entire collection here on Beatport -

White Hot Fantasy by TOP BILLIN

White Hot Fantasy (Nycpartyinfo remix) by TOP BILLIN

White Hot Fantasy (Boody B remix) by TOP BILLIN

White Hot Fantasy (DJ Sega remix) by TOP BILLIN

SPF 5000 - White Hot Fantasy (Team Jaguar Remix) - OUT ON TOP BILLIN by Team Jaguar

White Hot Fantasy (Dances With White Girls remix) by TOP BILLIN

White Hot Fantasy (Cobra Krames remix) by TOP BILLIN

- Manley of Team Jaguar

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