Thursday, June 9, 2011


So 21 years young, KROOL KICKZ, a personal friend of mine out of Vienna, Austria who goes by the name of Dom Kardashian (no relation - I hope...) is the label owner of Dreieck Records ( home of some of the hardest hitting electro acts on the planet:
Geometry, PARTYSMARTIE and one of my favorites Wasted Basterds (who I did a remix for that is coming out soon on Dreieck Records - stay tuned!)

Anyway, it's time for the boss to get in on some of the producing and djing action. And he does not disappoint. After years of schooling to perfect is his engineering craft he has finally decided to let world hear his sound! He's given us a FREE remix that he just did of the Florida native, Marilyn Manson's This Is The New Shit. This is straight mosh pit rave music, sure to make the entire dance floor burn down!

Marilyn Manson - This Is The New Shit (Krool Kickz Remix) by Krool Kickz

And not only is he giving that away, he's also giving away his new promo mix which as you can tell by his remix, its nothing short of hell raising madness! BASS BOOSTERS ON PEOPLE! LETS GO!

DECAY by Krool Kickz

- GlowTape!


Anonymous said...

pls read through the articles at least one more time before publishing.

DC/GlowTape! said...

woops, fat fingers and short amounts of time to do these posts equals some typos along the way. Thanks for pointing it out, I think i fixed them all! Ps. being anonymous is lame.

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