Tuesday, August 2, 2011


A friend of mine, a person who's opinion I respect cause I know they don't fuck around, turned me on to Jack Novak and her mixtape "You+FOs." And I gotta say that person has not lead me astray again, this mix is spot on awesome. It's fun, energetic and it moves ya feet - done. It goes a little all over and frankly, that's what we need more of in mixes.

It also turns out that Jack is getting support from a few heads in the biz including Le Castle Vania and Skrillex, so I have a feeling this will not the be last we are hearing from her.

Listen to Jack Novak's first public mix below - and download it for your personal use here - DOWNLOAD "You+FOs"

- Manley of Team Jaguar


Anonymous said...

Great find post!
What's that song starting at 36:00?

Anonymous said...

36 mins in is a great section. cant wait for more.

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