Thursday, September 1, 2011

All About The Scrillions

-- Article written for Langerado Music Festival --

Over the past few years, as technology and musical appreciation advances exponentially, we have seen a surge in new producers and DJs across the globe. Nowhere is this flood of talent, and lack thereof, more evident than in the breakout genre of "The Mashup." A mashup, to those that chose to live under rocks and feel the Internet is just a fad, is the blending and editing of several different types of music samples and instrumentation to create a completely new experience and song. During this genre's meteoric rise, a number of artists have taken a solid foothold in the mashup scene and the next starlets destined to become household names are the trio known as "Super Mash Bros."

Hailing from LA, Super Mash Bros. is the effort of friends Nick, Dick and recent member Ethan. These three full time college students starting working together as far back as 2006, combining their love of music and more than healthy appreciation for modern pop culture. Their 2009 endeavor, "Fuck Bitches, Get Euros," propelled SMB into the public eye - rising them from Internet darlings to full fledged touring musicians. Such a feat is hard to accomplish in any genre of music, but in the mashup arena it is a particularly trying accent. Artists in this new kingdom of music stand in the shadow of modern greats -- such as Z-Trip, Girl Talk, The Avalanches and The Hood Internet to name a few -- and the difference between musical majesty and "yep, heard that before" can be difficult to discern but not impossible.

SMB's album work shines on its own, a splendid blend of classics and topical hits with a dash of thug living, but their true charisma and class comes from their physical presence during their performance. Considering themselves not just "DJs" but having a "band" mentality opens the boys up to a much more interactive freedom with their audiences. Incorporating video work, impromptu dance sessions and semi-regular "how y'all doing!" breaks from the music creates an atmosphere that makes you feel like are truly seeing these artists in a more natural state of house party madness. Taking the party to you, SMB stands to be a crowd favorite this year at the festival and for many more to come.

Be sure to take some time out of your busy Langerado schedule and check out Super Mash Bros. And to get you into the proper mood, here below are two songs from the trio's latest album - "All About The Scrillions"

I'm An Adler Girl by Super Mash Bros

Kisses & Thugs by Super Mash Bros

Download this entire album and their first here, for FREE!

- Manley of Team Jaguar

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