Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The M Machine

I'm a sucker for side projects and supergroups. Here is a new effort allegedly from both Skrillex and Porter Robinson. Who knows where this is going to go but till then, here are some killer tracks.

The M Machine - Glow by The M Machine

The M Machine - Promise Me A Rose Garden by The M Machine

The M Machine - Trafalgar by The M Machine

PeaceTreaty - Cal State Anthem (The M Machine Remix) by The M Machine

- Manley of Team Jaguar

1 comment:

cambrock said...

Just a friendly correction here - The M Machine is not a secret side project of Porter Robinson and Skrillex, though these guys are homies with them. They are actually three former members of Pance Party, and are based in SF. extremely talented and killing it, keep an ear out for them for sure.

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