Thursday, November 17, 2011

Life Soundtracks: Vol. 1

A lot of time gets spent on the computer which means a lot of time your brain potentially goes without the thinking lubrication that seamless music can provide. Some for relaxation and some for energy, here is a collection of mixes that have been taking my thoughts for a nice walk/run. Dancing shoes not required.

First up is the latest installment in the amazingly executed monthly mixtape series from Marseille. This guy's hard drive is a veritable treasure chest of stellar dance music. (Do yourself a favor and follow his Soundcloud as well.)

Download (Right-click & Save As)

This next musical conquest in the key of chill is from Deathface's Johnny Love. Don't expect any aggression from this though rather a landscape of hallucinogen-friendly meanderings. Seriously good.

Now for something with a bit more bite. RHO††OR has you covered...big time.

Enjoy, destroy.

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