Friday, November 11, 2011

Unspoiled Meat: Vol. 2

Since many of the artists I follow are working on their upcoming EPs it seemed like an appropriate time to post another in-case-you-missed-it. Not only do these tracks show no signs of age but they are still way ahead of the trend curve. So the next time someone requests Skrillex, just ignore them and put one of these on instead.

First up is a slow-rising but quickly-scorching freebie by Andy's iLL. Load this up for an epic build and then watch the jaws drop.

Sticky K has always hit my ears the right way. Maybe it's my love for a chainsaw bassline which this track nails but also the addition of some attention-grabbing, slightly sinister snake-charming vibes that has kept this in rotation.

Clouds pride themselves on both setting the bar high and being unpredictable. This sophomore release following their EP on Fake Blood's hot new label proved to help solidify that with a move to Turbo Recordings and a "holy shit" to our speakers. If you're not already following these guys then you should start right meow.

With can I say about Volatile? I've been a fan for a couple of years and they've only gotten better with age. This Mako Records release is abrasive techno heaven and has refused to leave my playlists. (Are you paying attention, America? Dubstep needs a rest.)

Last but certainly not least is Skitsnygg's mosh-pit-inducing remix of Owl Vision's Deathstar. I'm always super proud to discover artists within this genre who aren't afraid to brutalize their audience and Skitsnygg is one such example. He's currently on tour with some of his fellow Sex Cult family so be sure to catch the insanity if your town was selected for a stop. Hail Satan.

*** As a bonus here's a recent mix from yours truly. (Shameless self promotion completed.) ***

Enjoy, destroy.

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