Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Moombah-Thong Invasion!

This week I am more than excited to share with you "Through the Wire", presented by Billy The Gent & Mad Decent!

This compilation concentrates on some of Billy's favorite producers coming together to work on collaborations with each other, some of the biggest tunes to end the year and some amazing collabs! Me being a big fan of collabs, I knew I was in for a treat but no idea how big!

  1. Orion x A-Mac - Calgarico
  2. ETC!ETC! x Nacey - Le Grand Zombi
  3. Steve Starks x JWLS - Circus
  4. Kid Cedek x Must Die x Sazon Booya - El Diablo
  5. Torro Torro x Long Jawns - The Jump
  6. Bobby La Beat x Riot Earp - Eh!
  7. Billy The Gent x Pickster - Bring The Beat Back
  8. Jon Kwest x Obeyah Ft Feral aka MC Kinky - Dutty Pum Pum
  9. Willy Joy x Team Bayside High - Paper Jungle
  10. Sabo x Melo - Dale Mas Claps
  11. Cassius Slay x Paul Devro - Zimbabwav
  12. Klever x Billy The Gent - Fuck Wit My Eardrums *Bonus Track*
- Sanka

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