Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Florida summerization

Hello there, kids!

As a new contributor to Penned Madness, I realize that there aren't too many things i can just jump out of the gate about with with the blogosphere... we mustn't bother with introductions. We just want the fun we deserve and we want it hard and filthy like the first time we did it when we were really drunk.

Maybe the first time we did it we were really drunk. In this case, thank you, because you obviously know exactly what i'm talking about. So let's talk music.

I told myself to try refraining from the bangers when imagining my first post, or most subsequent posts in general, but unexpected things come up at times... like the German dj/poduction duo Monosurround releasing a very exciting update to a 2006 classic.

The track 'Cocked, Locked' has gotten the summer funk treatment for a single release on the 16th of this month with Citizen recs. Since we can presume the Summerized EP will be available on either 12'' only, or digitally on the Citizen webstore for a frightening euro-to-dollar conversion rate, your beloved blogger is making sure your ipod needn't go without at least a good part of it.

Monosurround are really not playing around with the way their Summerized Club mix sounds. It's hard, yes. Funky at moments. Painfully good all the way through. Yes. And do stick around until after the breakdown if you like your terrifyingly distorted 2x4 synth leads on the downbeat. Peaks like this make me weak in the knees:

Monosurround - Cocked, Locked (Summerized Club)
(direct download, 320kbps)

Be good,

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