Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Terrorist Fist Jab, Really?

Wikipedia describes the Fist Bump as follows:
The fist bump, also called the fist pound, dabs, dap, knucks, and knuckle bump, is a type of friendly gesture similar to a hand shake or a high five. It is performed by two people tapping their fists lightly. A bump also can be known as a symbol of giving of respect. Fist pounds can also be followed by various other hand and body gestures, but are part of a dap greeting.

That's not what FOX News' America's Pulse, host E.D. Hill thought on a June 6th broadcast... Where she inferred that Obama victorious gesture after receiving the Democratic nomination between him and his wife was a "terrorist fist jab."

(I apologize for the quality...)

She has since been fired from her position at FOX, and rightly so... but I can see what she was trying to say in her teaser, "I am confused with modern culture and the thought of having a Presidential Nominee that is so in touch with younger generations is hard to understand."

But E.D. Hill's statement came off as, "Black people and their secret hand motions scare the shit out of me and should scare the shit out of you too! I mean, they were the first terrorists you know... rebelling against Masta and all, wanting to be free. Wow, you ever think about what if they all could be terrorists. Obama does sound like Osama... Holy Shit, I gotta tell America! Obama was using his drug dealer sign language to alert other brown people, terrorists!! All the terrorists that are so jealously watching our fine example of the Democratic process, He's telling them...Man, I hate black people"

The ass-kicker is when E.D. hid behind the point in her report that when she saw President Bush do a "Chest Bump" (The Hillbilly High-Five) at a military graduation awhile ago, she said "I had only seen that in sports"

Are you meaning to tell me you never saw a "Fist Bump" before Obama tried to signal the other brown people you hate? Come on E.D., come on...

So for you viewing pleasure, I have made a collection of Fist Bumps and Pounds so we may all know a proper "Terrorists Fist Jab" from good old friendly gestures and not have something like this happen again.

Terrorist Fist Jab
(two people of a darker color plotting your demise)

Smile for the Camera Fist Jab
(These two are not friends, the man on the right is following proper white man procedure when confronted by a "brother." By smiling and trying to mimic his black terrorist aggressor, he will avoid conflict.)

Tripod of Terror Touch
(This is one of the most dreaded gestures, signaling to all privy to this hate language that "we come for their women and mead.")

Terrorist Fist Jab..on a Bike!
(Eco-Friendly Mobile Hate...Don't those bastards ever quit)

Hell Spawn Hammer Punch
(Typical gesture for terrorists after giving birth to their demon seed. After this ritual the woman then eats the after birth and the man rapes the nurse)

The "Fill the Stands with People to Blow them Up" Pound
(Making white people feel comfortable enough so they will all gather into one place so those terrorists won't have to go that far to blow people up)

Old Friends sharing a moment
(Nothing wrong with this picture at all, it's so super cool that the President is chillin with the Pope. Just two friends sharing a moment, nothing wrong with that. I hope they each gave the other advice as to how to properly lie to their respected constituents. )

-Manley, Himself

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Lauren said...

This is awesome. AWESOME.

Cap said...

This reminds me of the good ole' days. Genius.

TREMY said...

This is hilarious. I would like to talk to someone about permission to use a pic. Please contact me ASAP.
Thanks much.

P.S. Obviously, I won't use it without permission.

Manley © said...

no problem about using any pics... go at it and have fun :)

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