Thursday, June 26, 2008

My one man initiative to jumpstart the rave-o-lution

Hello Friends, It's been a while... When not working long hard hours, or conversing with angels via a black obsidian disk, I've spent almost all of my free time producing an E.P. of original dance tracks which I will release in the very near future. So, I've kept pretty busy and neglected you beautiful readers/seekers out there.

However, I think you'll find this post k-rad enough to make up for it
It's safe to say that we can all see the age of the electro banger dying slowly and painfully before our eyes(and ears) and many of us find ourselves pondering what will happen next in the world of dance music.

I personally plan on establishing a utopian republic on a fortified island.... I will gather a few hundred followers, bamboo for huts, one thousand pairs of soft pajama pants, and a killer sound-system. We will spend our days laboring towards expressing our human potential to the fullest by any means possible, and our nights dancing our asses off to hot tracks new and old. We will establish psychic antennas in crucial locations to transmit the love vibes back to the regulated continents in hopes of liberating the masses through our shamanic dance magic. Here are some tracks from my personal collection that I don't plan on leaving on the mainland:

First up is Bassline changed my life by Adamski z-share

Adamski Sort of has to grow on you. There comes a time after listening to his tracks where you realize that his shit is fucking dope, but you gotta wait through some cheesy intros to get to the meat(aka the beat) This guy was a total dance pioneer, launched Seals' career(with the ubiquitous and brilliant "killer" which I won't post here because it's all over the net and if you don't have it you should get it right now) and still produces under the name Adam Sky. The dude was a total badass and would rock the fuck out of clubs with just a 303, a sequencer, a juno, and a 909. no samplers, no computers, just a couple pieces of analog kit. Here's a video of him Blowing minds at the hacienda back in the day:

Peep that jacket....if anyone knows where I can get a jacket like that, hit me up at Mr. Ski if you're out there and wanna just sell me the real deal, hit me up bro, name your price and you got it!

Next up is the Soulwax mash of 808 states cubik and Human Resources' dominator zshare

Of all the Dominator remixes out there, I think this one takes the cake. It's soulwax in the raw; with blazing filters and hooverific magesty. Makes me wanna kiss myself.

Speaking of 808 state, Here's the aphex twin remix of flow coma zshare

And for the sake of love vibes

n-joi - anthem zshare

mmmmm diva vocals

Peace Love Unity Respect

Life Light Love Liberty

- Phillip

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