Friday, June 20, 2008

Oh Snap! meets Panzerbjorn

Panzerbjorn, Phillip, is a member of the Penned Madness family and if my little sister wasn't 16, I would want them to marry now so he could officially become a member of mine. Phillip has been DJing for the past year or so and kills it every time he gets behind his many MIDI devices. I have played with him a number of times and cherish the chances. Seriously, the kid will have a sponsorship from Ableton in the next few years - and we can all say "we knew him when..."

The first track in this mix is an OFFICIAL Oh Snap! remix.

Phillip approached the Maryland fellow about reworking his song "High Top Fade" and he gave him an enthusiastic "go for it!" Get ready for the first true Panzerbjorn production...

So here it is, a Penned Madness Exclusive!

Oh Snap!- High Top fade (Panzerbjorn doesn't play remix)
Klaxons- Gravitys Rainbow (Soulwax remix)
Proxy- Raven
Duke Dumont- Hoy
Dj Funk- Work
Busy P- To Protect and Entertain (Crookers Remix)
Felix- Don't you want me
lords of acid- I sit on acid (Soulwax mix)
Treasure Fingers- Cross the dancefloor
Thomas Bangalter- Love
Shades of Rhythm- Sweet Sensation
Sidechains- Waiting so Long
Total Run time - 42:59

Seriously, get ready for some hardcore living room club action with this one.

Here's Phillip's track by it's lonesome:
Oh Snap! - High Top Fade (Panzerbjorn Doesn't Play Remix) (zshare)
Here's the original:
Oh Snap! - High Top Fade (zshare)

-Manley, Himself

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