Saturday, June 21, 2008


"Yasutaka Nakata? Who the fuck is that? "

"I only listen to bangers from France and Australia. That name's not French or Australian. It just makes me want a vegan hot dog."

Now, those of you who know me well are learning nothing new in this post, but I am really not ashamed to say out loud that Japanese club pop is just utterly awesome.

It seems there a few consistent reactions with the Japanese tracks I show to my friends which vary from "yeah i already know Japan is fucking weird, but thanks" to "i think my brain has holes in it now".

The iconoclastic multi-instrumentalist Yasutaka Nakata produces sounds as one half of the dancefloor weapon unit Capsule, while at the same time producing a well-vetted stable of other artists for his own Contemode imprint.

Essential Nakata (direct dl):

Capsule - Starry Sky

Coltemonikha - Communication

Yasutaka Nakata f. Ami Suzuki - FREE FREE (extended mix)

Perfume - Polyrhythm (instrumental)

Just remember that I'll always be good for music that gives you cavities.

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