Friday, July 11, 2008

Designer Drugs - New Remix and FL Tour Dates!

So straight from the horses' mouth, we've received a brand new Designer Drugs remix. This time Philly DnB MC, Messinian, has been the subject of DD's tweaking and twerking...

DD took the song "Throw it Away" and turning it into a thump bump piece.
It's hard electro beats and rythmic claps will get your people on the floor, most definitely. I'm throwing this into my set on Saturday, I have confidence it will be a sweaty smash.

Messinian - Throw it Away (Designer Drugs Remix) (320 kbps Direct Link)

Look how this guy lives!?!

Also, announced dates for Designer Drugs - taking them across our dear state for several dates in September. And actually on September 4th, Little Foot and myself will get to spin some records with DD at a Family Affair, this will be scientifically designated as a "blast".
Here are those dates...

Sep 1 2008, Crush, Orlando, Florida

Sep 4 2008, Family Affair, Tallahassee, Florida

Sep 5 2008, PULP, Tampa, Florida

Sep 6 2008, Neon Liger, Gainesville, Florida

-Manley, Himself


Lauren said...

Now...why aren't you playing with them in Orlando? HM?

Manley © said...

Because, I need to hold my city down before I can really start traveling...

But soon, very soon my dear

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