Monday, August 25, 2008

Almamy, Paul Simon and Obama - What a Monday!

What an interesting weekend it has been...First as you now, my house flooded... After fully realizing its dreams of being a kiddie pool this weekend, my apartment has now decided that it is content being just an apartment and all water related activity has now subsided.
Also this weekend, I briefly mentioned I blew my knee out Friday night. That made for a great weekend right there, hobbling to and fro. Luckily though I have this bad ass London Fog umbrella (it's huge, like a 6 foot wingspan) and the handle to it is cane shaped, with a solid wood bit at the top of the umbrella. So that made getting around easier, until last night when I stumbled upon some crutches in the girl's garage. I switched to the crutch rather than the brellacane due to the fact the crutches have little rubber stoppy bits on the end...

So now by Dexterity has increased by +2 but my Charisma has decreased -3... That's what you get when you wish to not further injury yourself with a banana peel slip type fall.

In addition to floods and falls, I was sent two tracks from New York electronic artist, Almamy. Originally born in Dakar, Senegal, Almamy went on the study dance in Paris during the 90's and in New York some time in 2002. Almamy seemed to also have a hankering to make some music as well. Working with his own label (ModyWorks), Almamy is managing to release several EPs and mixes, with a double A-side single dropping in August before an official LP release.

Here are the two tracks below, "French Kiss" and a remix of "Like You Do." Personally I dig the Like You Do Remix better than the French Kiss track. French Kiss has a solid beat but the accompanying vocals seem a bit out of place, seems like it would make a solid remix itself. But that's just my opinion.

Almamy - Like You Do (En Masse 'Like We Do' Remix)

Almamy - French Kiss

Here we have a fucking stellar edit of one of my favorite artists of all time, Mr. Paul Simon - a man who can do no wrong in my eyes. Below is a edit of one of Simon's classics, "Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes," from the classic album "Graceland" by one Tangoterje. I don't know much about Tangoterje but I would like to, so if anyone has any information about this dude, send it our way.

Paul Simon - Diamonds Dub (Tangoterje Edit)

And lastly, here is a cute little jam I found over at Waves at Night. It really needs no explanation, just sit back and enjoy... but think to yourself, "remix?"

Clare & The Reasons - Obama Over The Rainbow

Tomorrow; another edition of "Test'm Out Tuesday."

-Manley, Himself

2 comments: said...

yay thank you so much for the love<3

DJ Acrojam said...

Man, I sorry to hear (now see) that you fucked up your knee. Power to you for still handlin' bitness. One time for the Fonzworth Bentley umbrella.

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