Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Test'm Out Tuesday II

Tuesday is here, and you know what that means... New Tracks! Well, it's not like we aren't trying to post new tracks everyday but on Tuesday especially, we try to post tracks that we wanna see turn into dancefloor gold. The jams that when people hear them drop for the first time, they walk up to you spinning and are compelled to ask; "Yo, my good DJ. What pray tell is the name of this Jammy Jam?"

That awesome feeling we all love - when people recognize you got your shit together, that you are going to do your job by showing them new shit and not just going to feed them something easy like Paper Planes...again...and again...

and again...........


Starting this post off is an exclusive track from our favorite new artisit, Black Holes. Straight from our inbox to you the people comes the latest from these eager up starts. "War Drums" is fucking sick, and even if you don't read the rest of this post and just grab this track...I will feel like I have done my job as a blogger.

Black Holes - War Drums

P.S - Cheers to Uh Oh Disco! to turning us on to to this guys, much love.

P.P.S - The boys of Black Holes are also contributors to Hot Biscuits, check that shit out if you don't already know about awesome things...


Count and Sinden team up with Rye Rye to bring this gem, "Hardcore Girls." Rye Rye may be only 17 right now, but she will straight stab you if you cross her - that's what a hardcore girl does. Rye Rye keeps it real, what can you do...

Count and Sinden feat. Rye Rye - Hardcore Girls (sorry for the low quality)

A perfect song and title for a youtube compilation video of badness methinks, those videos with girls fighting and shanking and such.


Andréa, "better known as Steve Lurkel," just came back from a little trip to visit her parents in DC recently. While she was on the eastern seaboard, she spent a few days chillin' in NYC - Manhattan and Brooklyn ways - and she came back with tellings of all the trends from the brick city. She noticed that it seems like folks have been deciding to kick out the jams old school lately and with Whitney Houston be a key fixture in most sets. Andrea said that Mrs. Houston was played almost everywhere she went club wise throughout the city, and it seems like she was right in her assessment. Here we have a Whitney remix that is sure to get plenty of spins...

Whitney Houston - I wanna dance with somebody (OCD Automatic Remix)

Thanks Glitter & Gold, we had an older mix from 4 years ago but this is hotter.


From Ludachrist, and found on Palms Out, comes this mess of wonderful. Taking the exploits of an off-kilter bi-polar woman having an episode and putting it to a killer beat, Classic.

Penned Madness: "Oh Ludachrist, is nothing sacred?"
Fictional Ludachrist Voice: "HELLS NO!"
Penned Madness: "Well put..."

Ludachrist - MARTA Girl (Original Bmore Club Version)

Don't know about the MARTA Girl?
Damn, tighten up folks...


Ok ok, I now I might have send something earlier about "Paper Planes, blah blah blah" but this remix is worth a post. From our boys Starters, other recent favorites of Penned Madness, comes this reworking of every "bad-ass" suburban girls favorite song. I am not knocking the song so much, but it certainly was not the best track on "Kala," not by far...and doesn't need to be the only thing you fucking wanna hear during the night.
The Starters remix though is exactly the way I always envisioned remixes of this song going, not ever so slight variations of the original stamped out on wax quickly to hype up the release of a movie (except the Scottie B version, which is amazing). This below is a sped up dance monster of a track...

MIA - Paper Planes (Starters Remix)

and with that...

-Manley, Himself


Anonymous said...


M.I.A.-Paper Planes (Judson Rogers Remix)

Anonymous said...

Haha thanks for the shout out man! Black Holes are good friends of mine so they give me all their stuff first, I'm super excited to have them on board as contributors as well...

Next time you see a Black Holes track, there's no question where it came from ;)

Manley © said...

Anonymous - Thanks for the link!

Hot Biscuits - No problem man, glad to show love and give credit where credit is due. Can't wait to see more tracks and posts from them boys.

Anonymous said...

Every other Tuesday they will be dropping new shit via Biscuits.

DUNX said...

BTW brick city is Newark, not New York. Love you guys!

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