Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Around Tha World x 4

Apologies for posting so late in the day, at my office today we had this all chicken potluck lunch and I have been slipping in and out of consciousness since 2 or so this afternoon. By my calculations, I think I had at 3.4 chickens when it was all said and done. There were so many delicious chicken theme dishes, I couldn't help but play fat skinny kid and fill my plate enough to make my grandma proud. It was well worth this food-induced coma I am experiencing now but that does not mean I can deny obligations... blog or die as they say.

So I have some various submissions from across the globe that have made their way to us here at Penned Madness HQ. Some have been blogged about before, some have not, but all are worth giving a listen in my book and I hope you feel the same...


First up, two tracks here are from a young chap from Cape Town South Africa, DJ Lapse. These two tracks have "small apartment dance party" written all over them, and that works for me, also I am a sucker for a Fatboy Slim sample. Lapse also has some pretty good mixes on his myspace as well...

Lapse - Punks

Lapse - Waxploitation


Astrolabe, from Japan, wants to take over your bodies through their music and make you do ridiculous things with yourself on the dancefloor. The fist-pumpin' "FLAG" and the fevered dream of a video game character feel of "Will You Even Care '95," their remix of a Charlieboy track, will have you becoming fans in no time.

Astrolabe - FLAG

Charlieboy - Will you ever care '95(Astrolabe remix)


Hailing from the land of cheese and cocoa, our next act is Swiss sensations Division Kent. These lovely electronica heads named themselves, as I have gathered, after a street corner in Brooklyn where their musical ideas blossomed and gave fruit to their first album - Monsterproof. Enjoy some of their songs remixed below, good stuffs.

Division Kent - She's Going Places (Shane Fontane Remix)

Division Kent - Offshore (The Phantom's Revenge Remix)


And by far my favorite tracks this post, Love Motel from Switzerland as well. I don't know too much about Love Motel, besides that I want to be like them always. Look at that picture after the tracks, they are straight sick Swiss dudes! Their beats are as sick as their style too. These guys have been on the repeat all day today for me, go on and get yourself some of their goodness below.

Love Motel - Cosmic Love (Julien Milan Remix)

Loe Motel - Dial God USA kaz dub



-Manley, Himself

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