Friday, August 22, 2008

Freaking Orbital!

Man have I been on a huge Orbital kick lately..... Too bad I'm just now re-discovering them (yes I had the Hackers soundtrack, and the mortal kombat soundtrack before that...and the saint soundtrack...but I mean, you know, I was 11 years was all just music to listen to whilst playing Q-zar)
Anyway, it turns out that they had one of the sickest/most kick ass live shows of all time ever and made millions of nineties raver faces melt. Sadly they're lastperformance was at the Glastonbury festival in 2004(clips of this are available on youtube and are absolutely amazing)

A note to contemporary electronic dance artists....until you start actually performing black magic live on stage with unnecessarily complicated hardware and gigantic mixing consoles, invoking the presence of baphomet into crowds of thousands, I'm gonna give it a pass and stay home praying for an orbital reunion, or the next daft punk tour, or a time machine to take me to glastonbury 95.

I can't tell which of these clips I like better; This one that is gloriously mtv, ibiza, in the nineties:

Or this one where they actually call upon the dark lord via the magic of sampling:

Here's some live rips from the bonus disk to their album "Insides":

satan live in nyc

totally killer 8 minute 44 second live version of Halcyon with the super sick finale

Enjoy! with love

- Phillip

1 comment:

Ctelblog said...

Orbital - best band ever. I was at Glasto 95 but they were better at Royal Albert Hall.

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