Friday, August 22, 2008

Progressive VS Hip

Whenever my father purchases anything technological, he waits until I visit him in Maryland before he even attempts to read a manual - his reasoning being: "reading the damn manual just makes it more confusing." My father is 54 years old, born and raised in Sumter (Butt-Fuck), South Carolina, and a retired Master Sergeant of the U.S. Air Force. His unwillingness to dabble in "complicated" electronics has really come as a surprise to me recently, especially since he pretty much collects really expensive electronics, most of which he acquired while stationed in Japan during the 80s. I guess things are just getting a little too complicated for my old Pop.

Anyhow, my father has taken the step to convert his LP collection to MP3 format; his LP collection boasts damn near one thousand records, all of which are alphabetized in a catalog. This, of course, is where I come in. This past winter, my dad purchased the Stanton T.90 USB turntable (and yes, he and I are just now fucking with it) from turntable lab.

The turntable also comes with Cakewalk Pyro 5 software, which makes it quite simple to record a whole side of a record at a time and separate the tracks manually by using the "split" tool.

There are still plenty of features that I haven't messed with yet, but so far I'm digging the included format conversion tool and the capability to save multiple audio files at once to your desired format, as well as in 320 kbp/s. Also, you are given the option to burn the ripped files directly to a disc.

Soon after I ripped several records, I kind of chuckled to myself because I came to this ironic yet rather cliché conclusion that my father believes that he's keeping up with the times, so to speak, and progressing while hipster assholes (much like myself in many aspects) are reverting back to vinyl when they already know (and hide the fact) that they own (or stole) that shit on MP3.

However, for you digital DJs out there who are annoyed with shitty audio quality, I have ripped several songs from vinyl to 320 kbp/s with the Cakewalk software so you can judge for yourselves and snatch a few if you'd like.

Green Velvet - Shake & Pop (DJ Sneak Remix)

Hercules and Love Affair - Blind (Frankie Knuckles Dub)

Muscles - Sweaty (Instrumental)

Muscles - Sweaty (The Jean Maclean Remix)

Estelle - American Boy Feat. Kanye West (Instrumental)

- Andréa, better known as Steve Lurkel


Anonymous said...

The way I see it, digital djing/performing will eventually become the norm, if it hasn't already. The vinyl / laptop debate is a no brainer like cellphone / no cellphone arguments ten years past. Djs will rely on digital gear more and more - just has society has accepted mobile communication. Of course there will be purists but it's all a matter of convenience. Regardless, it's still great holding onto a 12" and like you, I'll continue to buy hardcopies and go to shows to support artists.

Chris Rockwell said...

The honest to goodness truth right now is that I do 10 hours a week at a local spot here in Ottawa and if I had to carry that much vinyl to the show, I'd be in rough shape before I even got connected. I mix fast and I have musical ADD and having every single song right at my fingertips is a huge plus.

ps: I want that American Boy instrumental! :)

Anonymous said...

the links no work. or is it just i?

Manley © said...

Actually, those tracks are on a dead, unaccessible server... sorry!

send an email to though and we'll send whatever you want!

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