Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Hey everyone, Mark Starr here! I'm the newest member of the Penned Madness squad. I look forward to writing on this great little treasure trove of a site, and I hope you enjoy the varying styles of music I plan on sharing with you all! You'll be seeing posts containing music in the genres of Electro, Minimal, Tech House, Mashups, and my own personal edits and bootleg mashups.

Going to give everyone a head start on their Halloween DJ season with a tune from a good friend of my weekly radio show (Electrolove), Filthy Rich, who cooks up this beefy electro take on the All - Star's tribute to MJ, Thriller. Boomin' basslines, thick nasty synths, hard hitting beats and great production make this a monster in my book of black magic tricks behind the decks this Halloween season. Wish it kept a bit more of the original track like last years "Genis Remix/Triller Education", but I'm sure this one is going to tear the floors up this coming October.

All Star's - Thriller (Filthy Rich's Corpse Shell Remix)

- Mark Starr


DC/GlowTape! said...

sick remix. see this going well in a big room.

Mark Starr said...

Without a doubt.

Mark Starr said...

Man, i'm such a tough guy in that picture.

Anonymous said...

any chance of a re-up of this track please? thanks

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