Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Deadmau5 Works With Kool and The Gang?!


Deadmau5 vs Kool and the Gang? Yep. Have I lost my mind? Maybe. Either way, this brainchild of a mashup has been getting killer responses through Digitally Imported Radio, and more specifically my inbox. So I figure, why not make it a Penned Madness exclusive? If you haven't heard of Deadmau5, you're probably living under a rock. If you haven't heard of Kool and the may be living in a cave! Where I got the idea for this is beyond me, maybe it was from listening to Deadmau5's recently massive release "Hi Friend", after listening to Jungle Boogie off of the Pulp Fiction sound track one too many times. I don't ask questions.

Combining the thickly sliced bass sounds of perhaps biggest electro house producer to date, the masters of feel good funk, edits, cuts, loops, detunes and a little sweat, I give you Kool & The Gang vs Deadmau5 & MC Flipside - Jungle Friend (Mark Starr's Jungle Boogie Beatz Mashup). Hope you enjoy!

Get down!

Jungle Friend (Mark Starr's Jungle Boogie Beatz Mashup)

- Mark Starr

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Amazing Fun! Can this be downloadable somewhere so that I can get down without being chained to my desk, like some wacked out ipod commecrcial?!

Either way, I am thrilled to "get down".

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