Thursday, September 4, 2008

Get Mad Happy

Here are a few tracks from very good friends of mine, Mad Happy. As they say on their website, a "charismatic pair, with manic colored hair, a laptop and a free spirited approach, can start a party anywhere..." and it's fuckin' true. I have seen Mike and Rivka do their thing several times in Tallahassee, and they put 100% into every single show - whether it is opening for Girl Talk or playing the back of a coffee shop, these two will still give it their all and try to rock your faces in.

These tracks below are some goodins, but seriously, these two stay making beats and as such there are many many other awesome tracks out there. Check'm out.

Mad Happy - Oozin' From Da Mouth

Mad Happy - Subway Butterflys

Mad Happy - Shoot

-Manley, Himself

1 comment:

Unknown said...

thanks for the props, manley. see you soon, we hope.

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