Thursday, September 4, 2008

Life Moves Pretty Fast...

Sorry for the lack of updating yesterday, things have been hectic over on this end lately. During the last few days, nothing has really excited me track-wise so I didn't bother posting and just recently, we are stressing over server issues as well...

We just got the bill for last month's server charges, and it seems to be we went a weeeeeee bit over our bandwidth restrictions... And that is straight awesome that that many people have rolled through and loved our shit, but our server will be shut down for the proverbial hot minute sometime tonight... While we dig through the proverbial couch for the proverbial change.

So some of the tracks posted within the last month will stop working, but we will have them up and running again soon, no worries. In the meantime, till that gets squared away, we will be using some other space we have stumbled upon for new tracks...

Just thought I keep you guys in the know of what's happening in the blog around. Anyways, music times.

Player Player - Mr Dobalina (Player Player Remix)

Santogold and Treasure Fingers - I've Got to Be True (Immuzikation Blend)

PRM - It's My Beat Now (Rivastarr Mix)

This is by far the favorite thing I found, check this shit out...

Beck - Ghettochip Malfunction (Hell Yes - 8bit Remix)

And this is just a really chilled out track, great for a closing song I believe. Also includes a Ferris Bueller sample, who doesn't love Journey or Ferris Bueller?

Journey - Don't Stop Believing (Andy Clockwork Remix)

-Manley, Himself

P.S. If anyone wants to donate some bones to help us fight the good fight and keep our servers going, there's a link to ye ole PayPal in the right column at the bottom... Thanks guys!

Penned Madness Crew


Anonymous said...

Heh, yeah. I was pretty stoked to find out about them. Apparently they're doing a bit of atouring for Dim Mak with Ratatat. That'd seriously be crazy to see those two together...

Manley © said...

At the radio station I work for, FSU's College Radio, we got some Balkan Beat Box like a year and half ago and I fell in love instantly. I love me some Balkan/Gypsy tunes, not gonna lie.

There are also some real awesome remixes of theirs from the Electric Gypsyland comps, you should check them out. I'll send some your way if you are interested.

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