Friday, September 12, 2008

Poast & Jam

I do have to say that right now is the most exciting time to be a young and avid music addict. This generation of young creatives, artists, and musicians have an influence base that ranges across more styles, historical eras, and reactions against them than ever before... the first generation to be influenced exclusively and directly by true postmodernism.

For instance, 80's revivalism (see the Valerie Collective and Bisou GTI) itself is little curious when we consider how growing up in the 90's and early 2000's, no one would shut the fuck up about how ugly, horrid, tasteless, and decadent the eighties were. It was only a few years ago that a large consciousness of youth realized that nostalgically badmouthing the aesthetic associated with the decade was a conditioned reaction that no one felt like questioning.

Now, of course, 80's obsession is about to finish running its cycle soon enough; neon, cmyk, nurave, ultra-compressed kick drum tones, and sitcom nostalgia are thankfully casualties of it all. We're becoming very saturated with hyperdramatic, crunchy bangers that have shallow roots more closely resembling the visual styles of pop culture themes than either electro or house music in general. I think we can all feel the reaction to this boiling under our shoes.

So saturation and reaction are currently our major running motivations to create epic, monster electronic dance music. Fair enough.

The Chemical Brothers - EBW8 (Saturate)

But please don't be mistaken: I'm not complaining about the state of these matters, nor am I suggesting that things should be different or better. It's simply an observation of mine. I'm fascinated and obsessed with the way we're all shaping modern creativity.

Anyway, I've been away from PM for so long that I'm wondering why my name is still in the list of contributors, so I'll not make waves.



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