Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Soulwax Update

Maybe I'll become an official blogger for Soulwax. I could go on tour with them and blog live from their shows, do interviews with sweaty fans, and give exclusive clips of awesome Soulwax jams and projects. I just don't have those kind of connections. Oh well, you will all just have to embrace my frequent Soulwax postings.

Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band - A Fifth of Beethoven (Soulwax Remix)

Soulwax- The Essential Hot Mix

Soulwax - ‘Part of the Weekend Never Dies’
Kissing The Pink - ‘Big Man Restless’
Sonic Youth - ‘100%’
Wire - ‘Three Girl Rhumba’
ZZT - ‘The Worm (Erol Edit)’
Esser - ‘Headlock’
In Flagranti - ‘Business Accumen’
Lele - ‘Disco Vraiment’
MGMT - ‘Kids (Soulwax Remix)’
Simian Mobile Disco - ‘Nike Run Edit’
Todd Terry - ‘Can You Party...’
Simple Minds - ‘I Travel’
Action Man - ‘Zombie Dance’
Flairs - ‘Truckers Delite’
Chemical Brothers - 'Hey Boy Hey Girl (Soulwax Remix)’
Beethoven - ‘Soulwax Edit’
Zombie Nation - ‘Forza’
Sheila E - ‘Glamorous Life’



Lauren said...

You should check out the Soulwax documentary "Part of the Weekend Never Dies". Apparently it's quite good.

Anonymous said...

Seeing them Halloween night gonna be DOPE!

Loving the ol' Ludwig van.

But the link for the Essential Hot Mix isn't really working.

James Rand said...

Sorry to burst your bubble guys but the track you've posted is a fan's (very good) effort at the fifth of beethoven remix. His name is Hidden Cat and he's just layered on the drums from Greel by SebastiAn to create the desired effect.

Still really good mind.

DC/GlowTape! said...

Um first off this is an official soulwax edit. It was first brought to the worlds attention when justice dropped it during the WMC on the BBC. Check your info. And secondly I've been looking for this FOREVER! THANK YOU!!!!!

Melrose said...

Yes, I just watched the Soulwax documentary and it inspired me to make all these Soulwax posts. Seeing them perform changed the way I heard the music.

Anonymous said...

Hey that walter murphy edit is actually the edit I made to sound as much like soulwax's as possible, because i couldn't find theirs anywhere.

More info here:

sorry for the confusion

Anonymous said...

yehhhhh....hidden cats edit of the soulwax remix...when u get the real version let me know :)

btw hidden cat...ur edit is phat

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