Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wu-Tang vs Daft Punk?!

Yes, they said it couldn't be done (or at least it probably SHOULDN'T be done), but once again my twisted little brain has come up with a very unlikely mashup. With the hot tune Ugodzilla (by U-God, member of Wu-Tang) remixed by Yuksek (a very very talented producer/remixologist), I thought it needed a little Daft Punk touch. After listening to Daft Punk's Discovery album on rotation recently, this headbobbing little idea came to mind. Why not take my two favorite tunes off that album, Superheros and Aerodynamic...and throw them over some Wu-Tang Killa Beez action? Hopefully this tickles your fancy guys, because its a Penned Madness exclusive! Enjoy, and please constructive feedback is always welcome!

Ugod vs Yuksek vs Daft Punk - Aerodynamic Ugodzilla Superheros (Mark Starr's Robot Rockin' Mashup)

- Mark Starr-zilla


Anonymous said...

dude, dont know how long this has been out there...but this song is the absolute heat.

Mark Starr said...

Thanks man! I really appreciate the support!

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