Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cali Luv

Some of favorites in the game right now, The Disco Villains have just given us their latest effort - Cali Luv. The boys put this together as "a way to express the love we(they) been getting from these 2 states (California and Baja California, MX)."

The killer beat, party flow rhyming and with lyrics like...

"girl yous a Cali chick..
well i'm your Cali thug..
let's join yo Cali tits..
with my big Cali junk..
junk.. junk.. junk.. junk.."

it's going to be hard for anyone not to love this track...

With all this talk about Cali Luv, I gotta ask when these villains of disco will ever be rolling through Florida... because I can guarantee that all of us here at Penned Madness and throughout the state can throw down just as hard if not harder than those in Cali, dare I say...

Just throwing that out there, we show the love too...

In any case, here's the track...

The Disco Villains - Cali Luv (Censored Demo Version)


-Manley, Himself

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