Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wildcard Wednesdays

So, I have to apologize people. I know I've been more of a ghost than a contributor here lately, but I assure you things are going to change. Variables in my life are slowly going back to normal, so get ready for some tasty new tunes coming your way...starting...NOW.

Prepare yourselves, as this next tune is probably one of the most devastating tracks I have come across in a while. It comes from Deadmau5's label, Mau5trap, and the artist "Feed Me" has been rumored to be an alias of Deadmau5. Turns out, the artist is actually Drum N Bass producer, Spor (Jon Gooch).The style of this production can be described as that distinct mau5 edge, with a sprinkle of Grum-powder, a dash of MSTRKRFT-sauce, a squeeze of Justice-Juice, and a savory chocolate garnish of Soulwax. Put 'em all together and you get an active volcano cake of nasty beats. Turn this one up at your own risk...I will be using this one to destroy the dance floors for the next few weeks, or till I can't handle how awesome it is anymore.

Feed Me - The Spell

Next up is another deadly dose of electro house for your Wednesday. This one comes from the now legendary electro house producer, Wolfgang Gartner. I've been a fan of the wolfman for a while now, his style is impeccable, his mastering is phenomenal, and to be totally honest...I haven't played one of his tunes and not had people dancing naked (Alright, the naked part may be embellished a bit). This tune is in the same style of his previous work "Front to Back", with filthy bass and kicks mastered so well you might loose your teeth from a sonic wave explosion out of your speakers. The break down is something out of a sci-fi movie, with creepy pads, speaker fuzz, and sub-bass hard enough to knock the knickers off anyone within a 5 mile radius. Hide your children, protect your daughters, get in the basement, because this tune is sure to blow the roof off any joint. Oh and the tune is called Wildcard, so it was only appropriate to post it today. Wolfgang must have known about my Wednesday posts here on Penned. ;)

Wolfgang Gartner - Wildcard (Original Mix)

- Mark "Mashup-Cowboy" Starr


Mark Starr said...

Thanks man! Yes, this alias is quite the bomb!

CuiSiNeaNXiouS said...

FeeD Me FeeD Me FeeD Me !

Quite astonishing you're the only one to talk about this track???


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